Coconut Cinnamon Chips (snack)

This recipe came about while i was trying to figure out a way to  decorate a cake … and it turned out soooo good .. that i wanna even make it with different nuts and just snack on it … its simple and delicious … all u need to make it is:

– 2 cup unsweetened coconut chips (see this photo if u didnt know how it looked)

– 1/4 cup + 2 tb powder sugar

– 1 ts cinnamon, heaped

– few tb’s water

coconut chips

Start by placing the coconut in a bowl …

sugar and cinnamon

In another bowl .. add the sugar and cinnamon .. and mix …

add water

Add about 2tb maybe lesser (add it one tb at a time) water to the sugar mixture .. what u r looking for is that its not too watery .. just liquidy enough to coat the coconut …


Add the sugar mixture to the coconut … mix it all well that all the coconut is coated… if its too watery .. add 1 ts powder sugar at a time until its not .. and if its dry .. add 1 ts water until well coated …

What u r looking for is all the coconut is coated but no extra liquids at the bottom of the bowl …

spread into baking sheet

Then spread it all on a baking sheet … bake until nice, crisp and crunchy …. about 15 to 20 mins ..


Thats it … a simple, sweet and crunchy snack ..

Enjoy 🙂 …


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  1. corksandcurds says:

    oh my, i want some. if only i know where to get coconut chips..

  2. limeandlemon says:

    Try looking in department stores near the nuts section .. thats were they sell it around here … 🙂 … if u couldnt find it i think this would taste good with any other nut too .. maybe almonds or pecan … … its a delicious crunchy snack .. let me know if u try it 🙂

  3. pbmdevin says:

    wow what a great idea. these look amazing…. and topping a cake with them probably makes for a delicious treat.

  4. limeandlemon says:

    You r right Pbmdevin … this does add a new flavor to the cake … u should really try it .. its real tasty … and im not just saying that cuz i made it 😛

  5. aubreecheriedesigns says:

    I LOVE this idea! And it seems so simple. The next time I make something ‘desserty’ i’ll have to add these. Or maybe I’d try it with pecans like you suggested.

  6. limeandlemon says:

    Thanx Aubreecheriedesigns … to be honest i didnt yet try it with other nuts .. but i know it would taste really good .. let me know how it turns out when u make it 🙂 … stay in touch

  7. craftycookie says:

    wow…these look soo good. will have to make some to put on top of iced cupcakes.
    i love how you show the step by step photos…i don’t have that kind of patience. : )

  8. limeandlemon says:

    Thanx craftycookie … its really easy to make … and really taste good … let me know what u think when u try them … stay in touch 🙂

  9. corksandcurds says:

    Laila, thanks for this recipe. I made it yesterday as toppings for my cheesecake and it’s awesome! Since I couldn’t find unsweetened coco chips (my grocery only carries sweetened coconut shave), I doubled the cinnamon and added 1/4 t nutmeg and baked for 10 minutes in 350F. It’s a perfect foil to the richness of the cheesecake. And the leftover chips I left uncovered (outside the refrigerator) are still crispy after more than 30 hours!

  10. corksandcurds says:

    Sorry, that was supposed to be 300F…

  11. limeandlemon says:

    Im glad u tired it Corksandcurds … its good that u mentioned that it worked well with sweetened coconut .. to be honest i didnt try it with it … now i know that it works just as good … and im sure the nutmeg gave it a nice taste too …. thanx for letting me know how it turned out … stay in touch .. 🙂

  12. Marlana says:

    That looks so good. I’m going to have to try this!

  13. limeandlemon says:

    Thanx Marlana … let me know how it turns out 🙂

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