Super Easy Mac And Cheese

I got hungry few hours back … thought of making mac and cheese but thought im too hungry to wait … so i thought of this … i accually didnt wanna post it from how easy it was … it takes only as long as pasta cooking time .. thats all …and tasts good … well anyway i finally thought y not .. lemme post it 😛 … to make it u will need:

 – Elbow pasta, cooked

– small peice butter

– sliced cheese

well i know i dont have measured ingredients .. but u dont need any … choose how much cheese u want and add as much as u like … as simple as that …

all u need

So this is all u need … cook the pasta then add the butter to it …

add cheese

Layer the sliced cheese between the pasta …  try to make it in as many layers as u can …  for me it was two this time..


Then microwave it for about one minute … until cheese it melted ..

and serve

And thats all .. mix well then serve ….

Enjoy 🙂 …


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