Chicken Salad

There are many chicken salad recipes around and this is my version of making one … i didnt feel like using mayonaisse in it .. so the dressing is made of heavey cream and other ingredients .. its a simple and tasty recipe … u can even make it into a sandwich with a any type of bread …. to make it u will need:

– 2 chicken breasts

– iceberg lettuce (u can use any other type if u prefare)

For chicken marinate:

– 2 clove garlic, minced

– 1 tb lemon (just a squeeze of half a lemon)

– 3 tb olive oil

– salt and pepper

For the dressing:

– 1/4 cup heavy cream

– 1 tsp lemon juice

– 1 tb olive oil

– 1 ts dried tarragon

– salt and pepper

cut chicken and pepare marinate

Start by cutting the chicken into strips … and mix all the marinade ingredients …

mix together

Mix the chicken with the marinade and set aside to mairnate for atleast 15 mins …

mix dressing

Whisk together all the dressing ingredients … and set aside …

prepare everythin

And prepare the lettuce by shredding it into bite size peices ….


On a grill…. start grilling the chicken peices …. u might need to do this in patches depending on your grill size …


Now add the chicken to the lettuce and mix in the dressing …


Mix them all together ……

And serve …. 

ps.  u can keep the chicken breast as a whole and marinate it then grill it and slice it … but u need to marinate it more and it will take longer with the grilling .. so i think this way is more time saving …. 

Enjoy 🙂 …


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