Rice Soup

Soups … its a highly under rated dish … for me its my favorite .. any type of soup … this soup came about when me and my mom were bored of other soups and felt like making somethin new … its real delicious .. and quiet healty too … to make it u will need:

–  Meat stock recipe (about 5 cups stock)

– 1/2 cup shredded meat peices (u can use ones that u made meat stock with or use leftover meat)

– 1 tb gee or butter

– 1 medium onion, chopped

– 1/2 cup rice

– 1/2 ts cardamom powder

– salt and pepper, to taste

– 1 tb chopped parsley, optional

– lemon juice for serving

melt gee then add onion

Start by melting the gee or butter then add onions and cook until translucent …

add meat

Then add the shredded meat peices .. and cook for a while .. keep stirring .. this time i used the same meat that i made the stock from .. but if u want u can use leftover meat …

add rice

Add the rice and stir … cook for a minuite or two … u want all the flavours to blend through .. specially if u r using leftover meat ..

add stock and cardamom

After 2 to 3 mins of stirring the rice .. add the meat stock, cardamom .. and season with salt and pepper … boil until the rice is cooked .. taste and see if it needs more seasoning … add more stock if u feel the liquid became less …

add parsely

Before serving .. if u like u can add the parsely but add it after u take it of the heat so it stays green… 


Serve it with a squeeze of lemon …. serves 6 to 8

Enjoy 🙂 …


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