Muttabal (Eggplant Dip)

Muttabal is quiet similar to hummus … they r both very popular arabic dips … well in this post im going to show u how to make muttabal .. which is an eggplant dip mixed with tahini and some other ingredients …. to make it u will need :

– One big eggplant

– 1/2 cup tahini

– 1/4 cup lemon juice

– 1 ts salt

– 1 ts cumin

– 1 tb chopped parsley (this is optional)

– olive oil

grill the eggplant

Start by grilling the eggplant …. place it in a baking sheet in the oven .. and with only the oven top switched on(meaning the griller) … grill for one hour .. turning once in between …

peel eggplant

Peel the eggplant … this is very simple to do … the peel will come right off …

start chopping

Then using a knife chop it …

more chopping

Keep chopping in all direction until its nearly mashed …. u can use a blender for this .. but the texture wont be the same .. with chopping it … u still have small peices of eggplant …

add other ingredients

Now in a bowl .. add the eggplant .. and all the rest of the ingredients .. other than the olive oil … and mix it all up … adjust it to taste .. depending on the eggplant size u might need salt or lemon …


Then place it in a plate .. sprinkle a little cuminΒ and olive oil .. and serve …

Enjoy πŸ™‚


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  1. A says:

    This sounds delicious. I love roasted eggplant. Do you add any garlic at all?

  2. limeandlemon says:

    There are people who add garlic to muttabal.. but i beleive there is no need because it overtakes the other tasts… my advice would be try it with and without … and see which u will like better … i would suggest adding 1 clove minced garlic but serve it straight away so the garlic taste wont be that stronge … because if u kept it in the fridge after that it would become too garliky … hope this is helpful πŸ™‚

  3. eatincalgary says:

    hi laila, thanks for commenting. i love the eggplant dip… i didn’t know about the variant with tahini and cumin, but i’ll try. i usually do it just with onion, oil and an egg yolk (

    do you roast the eggplant in a pan covered with alumnium foil? does it work well?

  4. limeandlemon says:

    Well this is a very traditional dip some peaple know it as (Baba Ganouj )but accually baba ganouj is a totally different dish its an eggplant dip .. without tahini or cumin and has pamogranate in it ..i will be posting it some other time ..but muttabal is just like hummus (which i think everyone knows now)… and about the tahini and cumin .. the tahini gives it the creaminess and the taste of the cumin isnt that strong but if u dont add it u feel like somethin is missing … just try it and i think u will like it …. and yea u can roast it in the oven with a pan covered with foil .. and only the broiler on .. just like how i discribed in the recipe … it turns out just the same …. hope this helps πŸ™‚

  5. paojava says:

    This sounds fantastic…and I am going to have to make this on Sunday! What a great blog you have, by the way!

  6. limeandlemon says:

    Thanks Paojava… let me know how it turns out when u get to try it … stay in touch πŸ™‚

  7. Michelle says:

    I LOVE moutabel. Tried it while visiting a friend in Dubai and have not been able to find something comparable here in the States. Store-bought baba ghanouj is too diluted with hummus or tahini to taste the eggplant. I’ll try your recipe. Thanks!

  8. limeandlemon says:

    Thanx Michelle … im glad u like it … we never buy store bought ones even here .. they always taste like preservatives … like something unnatural is added to it … So i can imagine how it will be in the states .. Let me know how it turns out πŸ™‚ .. stay in touch

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