Thinking Sandwich …

Well i beleive that sandwiches are one of the smartest things that cooks have created … think bout it … its a total invention … any peice of bread could be turned into a master peice … if its a pitta.. bun … ciabatta … baguette .. country bread … or even a normal slice of toast bread … any type of combination kept in it … it could be as simple as a slice of cheese, slice of tomato and cucumber .. with a squeeze of lemon and olive oil… its a complete meal by itself .. and if done in the right proportions would make a quiet healthy meal too … Think bout it .. the most popular meals around the world are sandwiches … from burgers to subs and from hotdogs to wraps …. its like a sandwich invasion of the 21st century … i think every day a new snadwich is invented … just google the word sandwich and see how many u can get … millions and millions of recipes … chiciken, meat, fish … all different combinations of vegetables … roasted or fried …. everythin kept in the same peice of bread … and let me not start talking bout the sauces that are added to it … thats a totally different story … even there ppl started inventing …. before i rememeber .. it was a simple choice of either mayonnaise, ketchup or mustard.. but now … its all different … with honey mustard .. thousand island .. ceasar … italian …sweet oinion and so on … and even some that i have never heard bout … and now with all chinese sauces coming in too … If u stand in a supermarket looking for sauces … u will either get confused .. or a neck ach from looking at different products of sauces …. i even beleive that ppl started eating more cheese too because of the sandwiches … cuz u cant have one without cheese u will then feel like somethin is missing … but seriously … think bout it .. isnt it true … sandwiches did become the core of most of our daily meals


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