Meat or beef stock

This is very similar to the way i make chicken stock which i posted earlier… to make it u will need:

– 250gms meat (we use mainly lamb)

– 1 onion, chooped

– salt and pepper

In a pressure cooker add the onion and meat … if the meat has fat peices then dont add any gee or oil .. if it doesnt have any then add alittle to make sure it doesnt burn …  

cook meat

now cook for nearly 15 mins … wat u want to happen is that the meat should release all it juices then reduce these juices a little …

add water

Then add the water salt and pepper .. cover the pressure cooker and cook for nearly 45 mins to one hour … until the meat is very tender …. if u rnt using pressure cooker then double the cooking time … and thats it ….

Enjoy 🙂


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