Bamya (okra or ladyfinger stew)

Bamya means ladyfinger or okra in arabic … we fry it so make sure the sliminess that okra usually has goes … this is the only way we cook okra … and u should really try it … it turns out to taste real good …  to make it u need:

Meat stock recipe

– 1 bag okra (the small type)

– 2 big ripe tomatoes

– 1 tb tomato paste

– 2 stock bouliens

– 1 head garlic .. minced … i know its alot .. but gives it a real nice taste

– 1 tb gee or butter

– pepper … no salt needed cuz the bouliens contain salt

prepare everythin

You start by deep frying the okra and placing it in a plate that can go in the oven (pyrex would do good)… in another plate u can add tomato paste and stock bouliens to the tomatoes as in the photo … and u can chop the garlic in a mini food processor .. makes it easier ..

Add tomatoes

Now after u cook the meat as in the previous recipe … add the tomato mixture… season with pepper …then cover the pressure cooker and cook for 15 mins … if u rnt using pressure cooker … double the time ..

cook tomatoes

It should look like this after 15 mins ….

add to okra

Then add the mixture to the fried okra …

add stock too

and add a enough stock to cover … by stock i mean the one that is now mixed with tomato …

cook garlic

Cook the garlic with the gee or butter until browned …

add to okra

Add to the orka mixture …

mix with okra2

And stir until combined …. then without covering …cook it in the oven for 30 mins …. if u find that its liquid decreased alot .. add a little more …


Serve with white rice or bread .. i presonally prefer bread …

Enjoy 🙂


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