Beef Stir-Fry

A friend of mine came by today and asked me to help in preparing what to make on daily bases for lunch or dinner … we sat and made a list of them .. mayby 7 or more of them with different ideas .. some were chicken some were meat and others were fish .. but she was totally satisfied (thank god :-P) … after finishing all this … it got us real hungry 😀 … so we decided to make somethin … and i thought the easiest thing which would take no time wat so ever would be a stir fry … served with a side of noodles .. or rice if u choose … and this is how we made it … u will need :

– 1 tb sesame oil .. and 1 tb veg oil .. if u dont have sesame .. then its ok … but it gives it a nice taste

– 250gm beef  steak …cut into strips….2 inchs long

– 1 small head of broccolli.. cut into small florets

– 1 small red pepper … cut into thin strips

– 2 cup of cabbage … cut into slices

– 1 onion … cut into slices

– 1 garlic clove .. cut into slices

– 1/2 cup chicken stock

– 4 tb soya sauce

– 1 tb vinegar

– 1/2 ts pepper

– 1 pack noodles (or wats enough to feed nearly 4).. cooked

 preparing everythin

 Start by preparing everythin .. because wen u make a stir fry .. it just a matter of mixing everythin so that doesnt give u much time in the middle to prepare …

oil then onion

Now in a wok … heat both oils .. then add the onion … and cook for a minute or so …

add beef

Then add the beef and cook until the color changes ….

then garlic

then add the garlic … and cook more … on this step .. keep cooking until u feel the beef is cooked through .. cuz the veg cook very fast … so dont start adding vegs until the meat is cooked through …

then broccoli

When the meat is cooked .. start by adding the broccoli … and stir it for a minute …

then cabbage

Then add the cabbage .. and stir until it wilts down a little …

then red pepper

Then the red peppers … and stir too …

and the rest

After its all stired .. add the soya sauce … pepper .. chicken stock … and vinegar .. stir … adjust to taste …. and cook for 5 mins ….

serve with noodle

Server it with noodles or rice … noodles was our choice this time …

Enjoy 🙂 …


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