Marinated Roasted Red Peppers And Mozzarella

This is a very delicious marinate … it has the perfect blend of charred roasted peppers and the creaminess of the mozzarella … to make it you will need :

– 1 big red pepper

–  3/4 cup mozzarella cheese, cubed

– 1/2 cup olive oil

– 1/4 ts minced garlic (a very small clove)

– 1/4 ts dried rosemary

– 1/4 ts dried oregano

– 1/4 ts dried sage

roasting pepper step 1

First start by placing the bell pepper on a hot plate over high heat …

roasting pepper step 2

Char it from all side … dont worry that it looks black .. we want that charred taste …

roasting pepper step 3

Now after it gets black from all side ….place it in a bowl and cover it with cling wrap .. and keep it for atleast 15 to 20 mins …

olive oil mix

While waiting you can prepare the oil for marinating … in a bowl .. mix the olive oil  … garlic .. rosemary .. oregano and sage .. and set aside …

roasting pepper step 4

After 20 mins .. take out the cling wrap … be careful the pepper might be still hot … if it was too hot to handle .. cover and keep a while longer … if its cool enough .. then peel it .. u will be surpirsed how easy it gets off ….

chopping roasted peppers

Then cut the roasted pepper into medium size peices ….

add to oil with cheese

Add the roasted peppers along with the mozzarella to the olive oil mixture…. and mix ….


And there u got it … let it marinate for atleast 30 mins … the longer u marinate it the better the taste … and if u r planning to keep it for a long time … add enough olive oil to cover …this will preserve it …. store it in the fridge..

Enjoy 🙂


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  1. Aalavi says:

    I’m not a big fan of cheese but my husband loves it – so i tried this and served it as a salad and my husband is now a big fan of it!

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