A Falafel Sandwich

Got hungry a couple of hours ago … to be honest … sometimes i get into these moods … like i feel like eating somethin … but not quiet sure wat it is …. like i knew i dont feel for some meaty sandwich … so im blessed to have someone who understands me enough to tell me “go get a falafel” 🙂 …. and so i did … there is this shop thats few steps away from where i live …. they sell falafels.. shawarma and alot of other stuff.. they make the best sandwichs around this area …. but the problem is … u got to stand in line to get one sandwich … so anyway .. went and got myself a sandwich … but this time .. it was tastier than always .. there was something about it that they added that i couldnt quiet put my finger on it … maybe its the mixed greens they added … but the falafel itself tasted better .. too bad its tricky to make at home to figure it out… i made it once .. but its too messy … its one of these stuff thats better bought than made .. maybe will get enough courage to try it again one day … but as long as im satisfied by the shop around the corner .. i doubt it that i would 😛


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