Strawberry Cake

I love strawberries … if its plain … juiced … or chocolate dipped … 

This recipe has alot of strawberries … filled and topped with it … so its one of my favorites .. and im sure it will become yours too … to make it you will need:

Sponge cake

Strawberry filling

– 1 cup whipped cream

– 500 gms strawberries (two packs)

– 1/2 cup pineapple juice

prepare the strawberries

Prepare the strawberries by slicing each in half …. i was gonna keep the green part .. but then i decided not to … so remove the green part too… but keep one strawberry whole …it is to be kept in the center …

cutting into two

Now cut the sponge cake into two layers … u can have more layers if u want …

Placing it

Place the first layer on a cake board and place four strips of wax paper under it …this will keep the board or dish clean and give it a neat finish …

adding pineapple juice

Using a spoon or a squeeze bottle … add a little pineapple juice .. this will make the cake more moist and give it a nice taste ..

spread the filling

Spread the strawberry filling …

Add second layer

Then place the second layer .. and again add pineapple juice …

frost the whole cake

Frost the cake .. starting with the sides then the top …

All done

Lastly … place the strawberrries … start at the center with a whole one … and then place the halves around it in circle … then finally … remove the wax paper carefully ….

And you are done …. you can sprinkle a little powder sugar too if u like … but i think i looks just perfect like this ….

 Enjoy 🙂


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