Decorating The Chocolate Cake

So you must be wondering … i posted the cake recipe .. then the frosting … now where is the complete cake … well .. here it is 🙂 … you will need:

Chocolate cake

Chocolate frosting

– Chocolate bar (at room temperature)

– Powder sugar

Alright … lets start now …

grating chocolate

Using a potato peeler .. grate the chocolate bar to get small curls …

grated chocolate

Keep grating until u think the amount is enough ..


Prepare the cake board or dish by placing 4 peices of wax paper .. to prevent it from getting dirty and give it a neat clean finish …

place cake adn start frosting

Place the first cake peice .. and add nearly half the frosting .. maybe a little lesser .. depending on how much u want ..

first layer frosted

Frost and cover the whole cake layer …

second layer

Then place the second layer ….


And again frost … first the sides … then the top .. i wasnt bothered bout keeping the top neat because its going to be covered … but the sides should be neat ..

chocolate topping

Now carefully place the grated chocolate … be careful so that the curls dont break … then also carefully remove the wax paper …

Adding sugar

If u like … you can sprinkle a little powder suger … it would show the chocolate curls better …. and thats it

Perfect for any celebration …. enjoy 🙂


One Comment Add yours

  1. bellpeppers says:

    This is the yummiest cake ever! Will definitely have it again!! 😀

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